A Note From Taylor

Hi there! If you may be interested in a private lesson, I'm happy to try to make that work. I've been teaching both privately and in masterclass / workshop settings for about 23 years, and I love helping people discover new ways to approach their music. I teach many pianists and non-pianists that are a wide range of levels, from intermediate to advanced / professional.

I'm always open to any direction you want to take the lesson. Some topics that come up a lot are facility, voicings, solo piano techniques, composition, left hand concepts, accompanying vocalists/comping, advanced piano techniques, arranging, practicing, tone, time, sustain pedal usage (my favorite!), chart writing, bandleading, and all sorts of other fun stuff. 

I teach occasional lessons when I'm at home in New York City, depending on my tour schedule....OR if you happen to live in a city I'm going to be visiting on tour, I can usually work that out as well. I stubbornly refuse to do Skype lessons, because it feels too impersonal, and I can't turn into the sustain pedal-obsessed tyrant that I truly am over a computer screen...

If you are interested in a lesson, just send me a note at and tell me what you are looking for. I promise I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Looking forward to it!

* In addition to teaching private lessons, for the past 22 years I've been a part of the Stanford Jazz Workshop in Stanford, CA. This summer workshop takes place in July and August, and every year I'm on the faculty for at least one week. I also take part in their festival, and perform there several times each year as part of their season. I highly recommend this camp for students and professionals of all ages - it's a pretty incredible place. For more information on this, please check out their website below: